3d Printers

After encountering Hoon Kim from MAD(Mobile App Development) Camp, we became close friends. We shared common interests and were eager to build something interesting.

One of the things we got interested was 3d printers. We were fascinated by the idea of self-replicating systems, and we knew we had to build this. To work on this, I moved to his home in Jechon right after the camp. Below is the picture of the work space we set up in Hoon’s garage.

We wanted to make it from scratch, but it was really hard to get suitable parts. Although it was claimed as “self-replicating”, mechanical parts such as metal rods and belts were really hard to obtain. We visited Ewha Univ., Guro, Yongsan, and even Hwasung to gather these. In the end, we gave up and settled for a kit sold in Hwasung.

Although we couldn’t replicate another 3d printer(our winter break ended, and our interest shifted), the experience of gathering the parts and building the printer with Hoon was so much fun. We learned a lot about soldering through this experience.

I really miss those days.

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